Etsy Dallas Is Official!

I just posted the following message in Etsy's forum. Hooray!

We just received our official status from Etsy last night and couldn't be more thrilled! Membership is open to anyone who meets these basic standards:

1) You must have an Etsy shop that is current and stocked. It's okay if you haven't made any sales or are new to Etsy.
2) You must guarantee that all of your products are handmade by you or are supplies for crafters/artists (beads, yarn, paint, etc.)
3) You must live in the Greater Dallas metroplex area.

We are still working on a logo and banner, so bear with us! Contact Tefi ( if you're interested in joining. Please include a link to your Etsy shop.

We have our first meeting scheduled for October 28 @ 3pm to discuss a trunk show we'll be doing on December 8. Yay!!

-Stephanie, Tefi Designs