Simple Ways to Promote Etsy Dallas

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: Please join our Google Group ASAP (see sidebar >>) so that you can get in on all the messages and happenings, like the one below:

Hey you guys! Our list of members has grown, which is fanstastic. I'd like us to take some time over the next week or so (me included) to do the following, pretty please:

* Mark all members' shops (see list on blog) as Favorites.

* Put a mention about Etsy Dallas in your Shop Announcement and/or Profile.

* If you get a chance to make a Treasury, could you do one for Etsy Dallas members? That would be a great way to get our name and shops out in the public eye. (Please let the group know if you b/cm one of the lucky few to make a Treasury.)

* I saw that Shaybot mentioned ED in her personal blog. That's awesome! Please follow suit with blogs, newsletters, etc. if you haven't already.

These are all free and simple ways to publicize Etsy Dallas and get the word out. I look forward to meeting you all October 28.

-Stephanie, Tefi Designs
Team Leader, Etsy Dallas