Crafting Circle in Oak Cliff!

Friday, March 14, 2008 was Etsy Dallas first ever crafting circle. I wasn’t quite sure how this would unfold and what I could contribute. I can’t really bring my sewing machine and finish the enormous t-shirt quilt that is in the queue. So I brought my sketchpad, pencils, gel pens, veggies, fruit and cheese. I was fully loaded… Larry Pile/Kesslercraftsman opened up his funky Oak Cliff home (which is in a really nice neighborhood) and workshop, which was truly delightful.

Stephanie/Tefi showed up with guacamole and her coveted Sante Fe wine. Pamela Michelle/Dylan brought two screen-printing frames, ink, t-shirts and a very big bag. It was fun to see them draft out a design and eventually put it on a shirt. Cool stuff! Mandi/Scribbles showed up later with her beautiful beads and looked quite peaceful wrapping a pen. I was amazed by Larry’s shop and all the different and unique pieces of glass. You're apt to find a treasure of assorted glass in a bucket that Larry put aside for another day. Stephanie and I took advantage of Larry’s kindness and messed around with his glass and kiln. I’m going to have a pendant for every day of the week, plus a platter for my cheese.

I really can’t express in words how wonderful this night was. This is something all of you must experience. Whether you join us in the next crafting circle that Larry is hosting or you start one in your neck of the woods, this is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, share creative ideas or to just fill up on wine, cheese and veggies. ;}