Member Spotlight: One Up Wall Graphics

Is your kitchen lacking something and you can’t quite figure out what? You painted it yellow and yet it doesn’t seem complete? Wallpaper is completely out of the question; it will take eons to put up and take down when you realize you don’t like it. Check out One Up Wall Graphics and you just might find the answers to your design dilemma.

James of One Up Wall Graphics isn’t monkeying around! Or is he? From sophisticated chandeliers to goofy monkeys, One Up satisfies more than one customer's need for something unique. Spruce up your living room wall with beautiful flowers, slap some alien attack wall graphics in the kid’s room, or decorate your refrigerator with birds. One Up's images are both playful and creative, and there are so many designs and colors to choose from, a room could get excited.

James has been both an Etsy Dallas member and a huge supporter from the very beginning. He has also graciously volunteered to create directional signs for our 1st Annual Beer B-Q - at not cost! Please show him some love and visit his Etsy site. Thanks James!

P.S. Ask him about his wrestler wall graphic. It’s saucy!