Member Spotlight: Designing Diva

Randi-Sue Deckard, AKA The Designing Diva, makes fabulous, organic jewelry in the old-fashioned way; with silver sheet and wire, and then using precious metal clay (PMC), stone and warm-glass cabochons.

Although Randi-Sue will tell you she started her successful gig as an artist-entrepreneur about five years ago, don’t believe it for a minute! This girl’s way too talented (both as an artist and as a self-employed Diva)! Her upbringing, her travels and her non-art interests have ‘percolated’ for years, resulting in fabulously synergistic creations.

About five years ago, she tried bead weaving but it just didn’t have the right fit. She stumbled upon a book on traditional silver smithing and started making Diva history.

Today, Randi combines her love of art glass, using homemade molds, art and dichroic glass and frits (colored glass powders) with hand-wrought silver to create truly beautiful custom pieces.

In describing her processes, Randi says “My designs tend to be organic and inspired by nature: the stone and glass dictate what I will do with the design. I’m inspired by the connection that my hands have with these materials; it’s like they have a mind of their own!”

As an entrepreneur, Randi-Sue runs her business via her online site, having built her customer base through various means, the most important of which is meeting prospective customers face-to-face at shows. She adds “Etsy has helped my art gain exposure and helped me to network with some fabulously talented, artistic entrepreneurs who have inspired me to try new things.”

Designing Diva…fabulously artistic and a model businesswoman for us all!

Check her out!

By Larry Pile The Kessler Craftman