Member Spotlight: The Pig and the Peacock

I'm a huge bath and shower product junkie and just love scoping out new scents to try. Must have something to do with being hot and sweaty all the time living in the Big D!

The Pig and the Peacock Etsy shop
The Pig and The Peacock was started as an outlet for the creative passions of two sisters, Jenny and Sabrina Abney. The sisters started out making gift baskets for family and friends. Then they started making bath salts, then soaps, and the rest is history. They found that the process of making the soaps, salts, etc allowed them to express their creative sides in a way that they can't at their day jobs. Now, doesn't that sound familiar, all my crafty friends?

Here are my favorite picks:
Tahitian Fruit Punch Shea Butter Soap
Silk Road Blood Orange & Ginger Body Polish
Peacock's Hawaii Plumeria Shea Butter Soap
Mini-Purse Favors (set of 6 favors)

But why pick the name, The Pig and The Peacock? The sisters's fondest memories are the times the summer and holidays spent on their grandparents farm in Georgia. Their grandfather raised pigs and, to add some class to the place, their grandmother had peacocks. So, there you have it!

There are so many tempting "flavors" to try that I asked Jenny and Sabrina to share their favorites with us and why.

Jenny's Pick ( and hey mine too!)
Anything Silk Road Blood Orange and Ginger scented
Why? Citrus & Zingy

Sabrina's Pick
Tropical Papaya and Passion Fruit Shea Butter Soap with Glycerin Chunks
Why? Fruity & Exotic

I'm sure after checking out their shop, The Pig and The Peacock, you'll find at least one or two favorites to try. Plus, you get a free bath sample with every purchase.

Post written by Randi-Sue of DallasDesigningDiva