Member Spotlight: Tefi Designs

I decided it was about time that someone from the leadership team had their moment of glory, and what a brilliant choice than the woman who started Etsy Dallas? Let’s put our hands together for the wonderful Stephanie Hindall of Tefi Designs. Her original vision was to keep the group to around 5 members. I think she was open to maybe 10 members. Yikes! Look what it has become. Etsy Dallas is way past 100 members and is still growing. She has organized the bleep out of Dallas Etsy members and there is more to come. So cheers to you Tefi!

Not only is she a great leader, but she is also a seasoned artist! My favorite items of Tefi’s would be her one of kind necklaces. From delicate peapods to her fun hot dog necklace, the girl has something for everyone. Lately she has been felting up a storm and has the sore fingers to prove this. She has named this latest venture fiddleheads. "Fiddlehead: a young fern waiting to unfurl and burst to life." I’m partial to the fuzzy green ball, Moss, necklace. In the all mighty words of Linda Ronstadt, “It’s so easy to fall in love with Tefi”.

I’ve only mentioned a few of her items so check out Tefi’s fabulous work at the following sites:


by b.liscious/brenda