Stones & Bones Workshop

Treat yourself to something fabulous!

In the Stones and Bones workshop you will be making one of the following: a pendant, cufflinks, or a brooch. You will be using pewter with the option of incorporating natural stones, rhinestones and bones. You will create your own one of a kind design using stones and clay. Shannah and I will then take your clay design and create a mold. We will then cast your design into pewter, polish and then glue the stones into place. We will be giving a demonstration so you can see firsthand how all these processes work. Your piece will be ready for pick up within two weeks.

Cost: $50
  • all stones and supplies are included.
  • ages 15 and up.
  • limited spaces
  • call 217.749.0709 or email for reservations

February 26- Stones and Bones Pendant,Brooch and cufflinks
(incorporating natural stones, rhinestones, bones) 6:30- 8:30 pm (adults only) $50

March 15- Bracelet Workshop

(incorporating leather strap, beading and pewter center pendant) 1 pm- 3 pm (adults only) $75

April 19- Mother's Day Gift: Prints of Love

(finger print gifts) 1 pm - 3 pm open house (all ages) Pricing $35 and up (depending on the number of prints)Link

April 26- Sand Casting Pewter
1 pm- 4 pm (adults only) $65

June 7- Father's Day Gift
1 pm - 3 pm (all ages) $5o includes 2 finished pewter castings of 1 design... one for dad and one for grandpa