Eco•Ideas: Get Organized The Green Way

The time change has happened, spring is approaching and it's a great time to give your crafting corner a green spring cleaning. Begin by thinking about how you'd like to organize your tools and supplies. In many cases you can reuse things like shoes boxes or cereal boxes and other everyday packaging to organize your work space. Reusable gift bags can come in handy for storing projects in progress. Small gift boxes are great for storing things like beads and jewelry findings while glass jars from food products can be washed out and reused to store spools of thread, buttons, sequins, etc.

As you clean up consider donating things you haven't used in the last year to a charity or trading with a fellow craftie. This is a fantastic way to redistribute the things you haven't used while letting someone else enjoy something new to them.
As the tidying continues, keep a shopping list for supplies that are getting low.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

posted by: Alicia of Alicia Colina-Ashby