Member Spotlight: Om Clay Artist

Jill Whitfill creates and sells gorgeous Asian influenced pottery on Etsy under the business name, Om Clay Artist. Her experiences as a hospice nurse have made her keenly aware of the delicate nature of life. As a result, Jill strives to make every moment count. Art allows her to be connected with the Earth and to herself in a wonderful and peaceful way.

Jill has always enjoyed all aspects of art. As a child, she fondly remember art classes in school, and creating own homespun creations only appreciated by my family. As an adult she studied Asian art forms and admired the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene and Greene. She finds beauty and grace in the minimalist design and use of natural colors in these works. On vacation to New Mexico about 7 years ago she had the great fortune to meet Betsy Williams who is a renowned potter. Jill fell in love with her work and story; Betsy left a comfortable job to live in Japan for 5 years to study under a great pottery master. What courage! Jill was inspired by Betsy to see art more deeply, and possibly professional pursuit from woodworking and woodturning.

When a shoulder injury forced Jill to give up working with wood, she was inspired by Betty's influence and set out on a new journey. She enrolled at a local community college and was hooked! She has also studied with Janet Rodriguez another wonderful potter, business woman and community leader. Along with this training she has done several workshops with well known potters.

Jill really enjoys working with clay ; she loves the quietness and meditative aspects of throwing.. It has has helped her focus and express herself through clay art.

Clay has a way of letting you know whether you’re ready for a serious workday or not, and I’ve found that a sense of humor really helps.

She enjoys being a small business owner and gets involved in the community by sharing, teaching and learning. Please check out more of her work at Rimrock View Studio.

Posted by Randi/DallasDesigningDiva