Member Spotlight: Midnight Snack

This week's Etsy Dallas Member Spotlight is on Midnight Snack, your source for handmade pillows, clothing & accessories.

Christina is the creative brain & talent behind the scenes. She has lived in the Dallas area all of her life and has created for as long as she can remember. She made her first "craft tower" when she was just 5 years old. It was full of glitter, popsicle sticks, fuzzy pom poms, and all the fun kids' craft supplies. Wow, Christina....crafty & organized...we are impressed!

In college, Christina used crafting as a way to de-stress and take her mind off of school. Hmm, when I was in college, I could have really used her "Hands off My Chocolate" plush to avoid the "freshman 10"!!

She really started to enjoy making hand made gifts around this time. Christina and her husband have been a part of the handmade movement for a while. They have exchanged handmade gifts with each other ever since they started dating - even when most of her friends thought it was weird. Yeah, Christina we know...y'all were hip before your friends even knew it!

Christina likes to surround herself with creative people whenever she can. It really helps her understand her own process by witnessing how others work out their own craft. Her husband is creative and artistic, and they help each other constantly with projects and bounce ideas off of each other. Christina says, "It is fantastic to have someone around who constantly pushes you to perfect your ideas."

Midnight Snack was started out of a desperate need for a dog bed to keep Christina's chihuahua, Stanley, away from her nice sofa pillows. She made him a giant steak shaped fleece floor pillow and he loved it. That sparked her interest in making plushes and since Stanley didn't need an abundance of beds she started putting her other creations online, marking the beginning of Midnight Snack.

The business has since evolved into hand sewn, appliqued clothing and accessories, and most recently into decoupaged jewelry. Sewing is Christina's true love. "I'll always feel most satisfied after making a new plush creation!" Well Christina, this "Piece of Cake" plush couldn't satisfy my sweet tooth more!!

Christina will be at the Spring Bash on May 16th and hopes you'll stop on by the Midnight Snack table and see her amazing creations.

Posted by Randi Deckard/DallasDesigningDiva