Cash for the Bash

Free admission? Yes!

Free raffle? You bet!

Free Make & Take crafts for the whole family? Certainly!

Free goody bags for the first 50 shoppers? Of course!

Free handmade vendor items?

In that case, please plan to bring plenty of good old-fashioned C notes (a.k.a. CASH). Most vendors will also accept personal checks and some are able to take credit cards. But in this game of making and selling handmade art, cash is king.

And if you forget to stop at the bank? Fear not. There is an ATM near the main entrance at South Side. Ca-ching!

[Pictured above: Lola Mini Zip by LolaFalk, Good Fortune Cat by Jodi von Rotten, Angry Denim Guy by Anklebiter, Green Shrug by Modest Ambition. Meet the other Bash vendors HERE.]

posted by Stephanie of Tefi Designs