V.I.P. - Bash Volunteers

Thank you a million times over to the following Etsy Dallasites who have signed up to volunteer and help with the Spring Bash decorations. Think: origami birds and bright colorful Maypoles...

Mandi of Scribble Scrabble - Our fearless Deco Squad Leader
Larry of Kessler Craftsman
Jenna of Wrap Couture
Patricia of Karma Crochet
Maggie of artfull Expression
Susie of Sanctum Design Studio
Liz of Lizardo Art
Caroline of Pink Lemonade Bags
Jill of Rimrock View Studio
Deb of Anklebiter
Katie of Two Hills Designs
Mia of Miamaria Design

And thank you to the volunteers doing check-in and planning the day of the Bash (and also setting up their own booths as well!):

Pam of Pamela Michelle
Randi of Designing Diva
Dylan of Dowdy Studio
Stephanie of Tefi Designs
Alicia of La Alicia
Carrie of One-Up Designs
Brenda of B.Liscious

posted by Stephanie of Tefi Designs