Eco•Ideas: Bookmark

Today is exactly two weeks until Father's Day. Here's a fun little project to do with the kiddos for dad for Father's Day - create a fun book mark from things from around the house.

Some things to start with;
• a couple paint chips (these are around the house from selecting colors for those DIY projects)
• a map from a family vacation or adventure
• glue
• ribbon, string, odd shoelaces or cord
• scrapbook punches
• markers
• scissors
• stickers
• stamps

Start by picking a couple paint chips with fun color names or dad's favorite colors. Use punches and markers to decorate, glue the two chips together back to back. If you'd like to add a tie to the bookmark, punch one hole at the top and run your tie through and knot. Add a little note for dad wishing him a Happy Father's Day or telling him why you're happy he's YOUR dad. Embellish more with stickers, stamps, doodles, or fingerprints.

No two could possibly be alike and it's customizable depending on what you have around the house. No trip to the store and you're putting things that currently have no purpose to fun use.

Happy Crafting!

Posted by Alicia of LaAlicia