Eco•Ideas: Back To School

Many students here in North Texas are going back to school the last week of August. With that in mind, here are some ways to make the return to the classroom more eco-friendly and fun.

This adorable bag from Nerdbomber would be great for carrying your lunch. It's totally reusable and will save brown paper bags. Save plastic bags too. This bright colorful bag from b.licious is great for books and easy to recognize as your own. Fabric sandwich/snack bags are cute, functional and washable from BlackandWhiteAffair and Gnomeclothes. Reduce your use of plastic bags for lunch and snacks.

Ever notice how writing tools seem to disappear? They all look alike and you couldn't pick yours out of a line up? With this unique, fabulous, hand-beaded pen from mandibeads-- chances are that this pen will become a personal favorite and rarely leave your hand.

A home for all those brand new supplies is a great way to keep up with them. CutOutandCollect has beautiful little pouches in tons of fun patterns to choose from. (There is a combo to suit your personality.)

Colored Pencils? A geography class favorite. Here's a great way to get the pencils and a home for them. Check out this fun pencil wrap from thegreenlizard.

Keep those extra curricular activity schedules organized throughout the year. BrendaSWhite has some fun embellished clip boards to help you do just that.

This is a great opportunity, whether you're a student or not, to work on adding some more green habits to your daily routine. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

posted by Alicia