Sponsor Spotlight: Yelp

We live in an age in which information is at our fingertips - movie reviews, product reviews, music reviews. But so much of it is broad-based, national reviews provided by professional critics, folks who are paid to critique.

Yelp has taken this concept and applied it to the local level by offering the consumer a platform to voice opinions about restaurants, clubs, shops, and more! These reviews are categorized by city, targeting a grassroots-style movement of consumer-driven reviews.

Need a restaurant recommendation or want to read a "real" review by a non-professional critic? Check!

Maybe you’re visiting a particular city and want a recommendation for the best "local flavor" places to shop. Check!

Perhaps you’re looking for a spa or bar with a fair-priced brew and some non-chain ambiance. Check!

You’ll find most of the big Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex locations, as well as a lot of smaller, independent favorites. Bookmark Yelp and make it your favorite guide to the best of the best.

Start by reading some of our favorite local Yelp reviews:
Sons of Hermann Hall
The Coffeehaus Downtown

We are proud to partner with Yelp, a top sponsor of the 2009 Jingle Bash!

posted by Larry, a.k.a. the Kessler Craftsman