Blue Moon

Last night, we experienced something that only happens once in a... well, blue moon! Every couple of years, the eleven day difference between the solar calendar and lunar year presents itself in the form of a second, extra full moon within a month. The next time New Year's Eve will fall on the night of a blue moon will be the year 2028. Pretty special, huh!?

We wish you love and luck this new year!

from top left:
Fly me to the Moon, MaggieMayI | Midnight Hour, BonnyBeads
Moon Pewter Knob, FisforFrank | Alien Droid, OneUpDesigns
Midnight Blue Shawl, ModestAmbition | Snowflake Earrings, Emaille
New Moon Earrings, SadiesThings | Blue Moon, Tefi
O is for Orbit, Paperfingers

Posted By Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect