DIY Valentine: Love Letter Tutorial

You, as a crafter extraordinaire, have the card covered, but when it comes to putting pen to paper, you end up with a giant ink blob. If you have trouble writing the actual love letter that goes inside your intricately cut paper heart card, this is the DIY tutorial for you. Think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” meets “Mad Libs” for love. You can customize and make it as quirky-funny or as romantic as you want.

Let’s start with deciding what kind of relationship you’re in.

A. Serious – hubby/wifey-type relationship
B. Semi-serious – boyfriend/girlfriend
C. New love – puppy love beginnings

Option A. Serious

Dearest (nickname),

Ever since I first met you (date and where), I knew that you were the one for me.

I think back to our first date at (location and year) and our first kiss (location and year).

This time of year reminds me how much I (favorite loving word, ex: treasure, cherish, value) your love, friendship and support.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Always,
(Your nickname)

Option B. Semi-Serious

Dearest (nickname),

I can’t believe that it’s been (length of time) since we first started dating.

When I look into your (color) eyes, I see such kindness and warmth.

All the (favorite candy or food, ex: chocolate filled heart-shaped boxes) in the world couldn’t express how much you mean to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Your nickname)

Option C. New Love

Dearest (nickname),

I’m so excited about spending more time getting to know you and going (what do you have in common that you do together? ex: biking) with you!

Thank you for making our (first or second) Valentine’s special by spending it with me.
You are as sweet as (favorite candy) to me!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Your nickname)

Written and illustrated by Anne/modestambition