The Couples of Etsy Dallas

Aw, February... Etsy Dallas is by no means immune to the month of LOVE. In fact, many of us believe our significant others are a part of Etsy Dallas, too (and in some cases, they really are team members themselves). We'd love to take some time to introduce you to a few couples of Etsy Dallas.

Erin, of Haute Hardware, and her husband Rod have been together for four years (top left). Erin swears she knew he was a keeper when he helped her at her first craft show, which just so happened to be an outdoor, weekend-long event in the cold of December. And wanna know a secret? Turns out Rod is pretty talented in jewelry making, helping Erin however he can. We're always thrilled to see this pair at our parties and events.

Shay and Jeff (top right) make up Bee Things, one of our most recent additions to the team. The name "Bee Things" comes from Jeff's nickname for Shay - he used to tease her about her things around the house, saying they were her "bee things." They work very closely, dreaming up ideas and then executing each one. Welcome to the team, love birds!

Laura of laura davis/ design lab has been with Etsy Dallas since the First Annual Spring Bash and we feel like we've seen just as much of her boyfriend, Jeff, as we've seen of her! This super cute couple (seen second left) met in a woodworking & metals shop. Jeff comes from an architecture background and you can see some of his diagrams pop up in a few of Laura's drool-worthy embroidery. Although she loves to use super-snarky anti-love phrases, I'd bet there aren't too many of those phrases thrown around their home.

Stephanie, of XY Factory, has been married to her husband Aaron for six years. They work back to back in their little studio - Aaron just recently opened an etsy shop of his own, called Berserk Shirts. Check them out in the second right photo.

James and Carrie (third left), of OneUpDesigns, met in Portland and have been together thirteen (they swear it's lucky) years! They were very sneaky in their interview - it seems they have some top secret colloborative work to unveil at the upcoming Spring Bash. A lucky year indeed!

Our Etsy Dallas founder, Stephanie Hindall of TefiDesigns, has been with her boyfriend Jason since May 23, 2001 (which Stephanie points out is Bonnie & Clyde's death anniversary). Jason has continued to be hugely supportive of Stephanie at shows, when she's working on her jewelry, and of the team. I don't even think he minds us calling him "Tefi's Baby Daddy." Did you see cute baby Ian in the third right photo?

PamelaMichelle and Dylan of DowdyStudio (seen bottom left) are both Leadership Team Members of Etsy Dallas. You can find them sharing a booth and displaying together at local shows. Pamela has even worked a bit on using some of Dylan's art for her jewelry. We can't wait to see all the collaborations to come out of this pairing... 'cause they're totally gettin' hitched in October!!

If you've ever purchased from Harrilu at an event, there's a good chance you met both artist Megan and her husband Michael. It's fairly obvious that she's proud to have such great support: turns out he's pretty handy when a screen need re-stretching or some paperwork needs attention. They stand as proof: you can actually meet the love of your life at a bar on New Years. Who knew!

Jenna, of Wrap Couture, and her husband Justin are always the life of an Etsy Dallas party. Justin helps Jenna out at shows and she returns the favor by helping him out in his photography business. They just celebrated their third wedding anniversary!

We hope you have some special plans for Valentine's Day - whether it's going out, staying in, being with the one you love, or just treating yourself. And if you don't have a Valentine this year, we hope you'll be ours!

- With love from Etsy Dallas
(post written by Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect, who can be seen kissing fellow Etsy Dallas member Thomas, of DowntownRoasters in the bottom right photo).