The First Green of Spring

It's almost spring and that means - almost St. Patrick's Day!

No matter how you choose to celebrate – going to a parade, wearing green, drinking green beer or pretending to be Irish – you're sure to enjoy these beautiful handmade gift finds for St. Patrick's Day!

Green beer not your thing? Warm yourself up with a cup of delicious Irish Creme coffee from one of Etsy Dallas' newest members, Downtown Roasters (green mug recommended, but not required).

Find Downtown Roasters in person at the Coffee Haus Downtown in Arlington, Texas!

Dress your four legged friends for warmth and style with crocheted creations from another Etsy Dallas newbie, Oh So Micro. Dressing them in green will keep them from getting a chill (and a pinch!) on this brisk St. Patrick's Day.

From another new Etsy Dallas member ILDVED, and viking jeweler extraordinaire, this lovely piece will help you feel the green with sterling silver and reindeer moss all wrapped up in a ring.