How to have fun & make something! by Pamela Michelle

I love the book Happy Kitty Bunny Pony! It's filled with cute delightful images to turn any bad day into an explosion of happiness. I found a copy at the local discount book store at a really affordable rate, so I decided I'd have my fun with it. And what better than to plaster some happiness on my blank bathroom wall. This was an cheap easy and fun project that I want to share with you, So grab your art project hat and get to creating! yay!

1. Picture Book that you don't mind destroying
2. a bunch of frames, different sizes and styles(thrift store finds are great. My most expensive one was $1)
3. Paint
4. Scissors

I started by arranging my frames on the floor to get the perfect arrangement. I made sure most of them were touching another frame to give the illusion that this was one big piece of art.
Then once that was set, I chose a color pallet that went along with the bright happy colors in the book. Some of the frames I left their original color, but others I spray painted. Be sure you take out the glass from the frame before spray painting (I'm reminding you, because sometimes I make this mistake, oops).

Then once it's all dry, take your picture book and cut out your favorite images to fit in the frames. Most times frames have a cardboard insert that you can use as a sizing guide when cutting out your images.

When you're finished pop in all those pics and get to hanging!!!! And add that super fun to any room in your house!

posted by - Pamela Michelle