Etsy Dallas Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for our natural environment. So in honor of this green day, I’m stoked to highlight some of our own awesome eco-friendly members and artisans!

I love the way Abbie from Eye On The Sparrow uses re-purposed bass and guitar strings donated by many local musicians to make her inspired jewelry. Choose designs using guitar strings from Dallas' own Deathray Davies, Chomsky and Shibboleth.

How cool is that?

Alicia of LaAlicia explains how her love for all things recycled began: “I began folding paper as a child, explored origami with my mom, and my grandmother's friend showed me how to fold paper chains. Being surrounded by creative people all my life makes creating things seem as natural as breathing. Over the years, I've spent many hours experimenting with paper folding and it has mushroomed. I'm always amazed by the potential held by flat sheets of paper and inspired by all the new tree-free paper that has popped up. This Spring, I'm delighted to be introducing my new line of hair accessories that feature recycled candy wrappers. They'll be available at the Spring Bash.”

Jacky from Texas Tarts uses recycled pieces of vinyl records to make her funky and cool jewelry. Karmacrochet and Maggie May I both use reused or repurposed game pieces for some pendants and often find vintage pieces from hunting estate sales!

I asked Stephanie of Tefi why it was important to her to use naturally and ethically raised wool in her felted pieces: “Wool is natural, abundant, and quite affordable. What makes mine so special is that it is raised and hand-dyed by a gal with her own farm in North Carolina. I know exactly where my wool comes from and can rest assured that the production and cultivation is environmentally- and animal-friendly. A dream of mine is to have my own sheep to raise, but here in the hot Texas heat that would be straight up animal cruelty! So until then, I buy my wool from someone I can trust to do the right thing for the environment and her animals."

She also explains the higher cost of her felted ball necklaces to the long and tedious process involved in needle felting. One of her necklaces can take hours to complete!

I also love the way Laura of laura davis/design lab uses one-of-a-kind recycled, re-purposed vintage materials for her creations! From colorful upcycled pillow cases to kitschy plates and saucers, Laura's designs are a perfect blend of green-retro-kitsch.

Lastly, I use eco-spun recycled plastic felt to make my clips. I recently have ventured out into the environmentally friendly world of bamboo felt, and local fabric shop CityCraft carries a wide selection of this yummy eco-fabric.

I hope to introduce these accessories at our 2nd Annual Spring Bash. See you there!

written by Silla of Silla Soup