Sponsor Spotlight: South Side on Lamar

When you think unique living space, community, and all things indie you think South Side on Lamarr. Spotlighting this sponsor, host of the 2010 Spring Bash takes one Texas-sized spotlight!

South Side on Lamar, located in the historic Sears building has been supporting Etsy Dallas since our crafting takeover began. With the support and general awesomeness of South Side on Lamar Etsy Dallas has been able to host the 2007 Holiday Show, 2008 Valentine's Show, 2009 Spring Bash and the upcoming 2010 Spring Bash and the upcoming Supplies Me! Sale (details TBA).

Not only does South Side on Lamar support the indie community but also hosts many art shows, non-profit and community events. Thank you South Side for rockin' all you do!

written by Jacky of Texas Tarts