Spring has Sprung!

After a weird and wonderful winter, Spring has finally arrived. Here are some ideas to help you get into the groove of the season - in acrostic form, of course!

Sunshine Get outside and enjoy the moderate temperature combined with the longer days – more chances for rays!

Prune Take care of dead winter branches and prepare for new buds about to pop.

Road Trip Wanderlust and wildflowers meet in East Texas.

Invest in a new pair of outdoor shoes for walking, running, hiking and biking.

Nest Spruce up your indoor life with new throw pillows, a new piece of art, new paint, or just rearrange the furniture to freshen up a room.

Garage Sale Time to declutter, destash, and dejunkify while trolling other people’s trash for your new treasures.


Sunscreen Did I mention going outside already?

Pretty Pastel florals on light spring dresses are so appealing.

Rituals Spring cleaning, finally putting away the winter clothes, firing up the grill for the first time - we all have our own ways of marking the change in seasons.

Utilize Tap into your crafty skills with fresh new spring projects. I’ve been sewing spring aprons for friends and nieces – a challenge for me!

Negotiate Find time for yourself to recharge, whether that means meeting up with best friends or scoring some solo time.

Get Up and Go! Spring just makes you feel good.

And don't forget to jump into spring at the 2nd Annual Spring Bash on May 1 featuring 60 artists and crafters from Dallas (and beyond! - Austin, Oklahoma, and Minnesota).
by Anne of Modest Ambition