April Category Spotlight: Art + Graphic Design

Continuing our blog series spotlighting our team member categories, I decided that I would present April’s topic of Art + Graphic Design by making a shopping list of my favorite picks.

Being in a group of talented people who make such unique and interesting art, it's difficult not to spend money I should be using to replenish my own supplies. So if I lived in my perfect world of endless money, these are the items I would purchase from the wonderfully creative Etsy Dallas members in the Art + Graphic Design category.

bee things: This husband and wife team makes adorable prints. The combination of their solid color design and the cute illustrations of things like monkeys and birds makes them almost impossible to resist.

What I Would Buy: Happy Groceries reusable tote
When I saw this grocery bag, it was love at first sight. There really isn’t anything about it that I don’t love. From far away it looks like a wonderful abstract pattern, but when you get up close you are rewarded with all the little details and the smiling faces on the little food.

Chet Art: Chet Phillips is an amazingly talented artist. His attention to detail and texture in his illustrations are so eye-catching.

What I Would Buy: Literary Pets trading cards
I love the product design for Chet Art’s Literary Pets trading cards. It feels like cheating picking this as one item, because you get not only this beautifully designed package, but 20 trading cards as well. Each card is a clever play on names of famous literary masters, not to mention the wonderful illustrations!

Noshii: Nosheen Iqbal makes jewelry and wall art by embroidering on wood. I love her use of combining the soft texture of floss (thread) with the harsher texture of wood. It makes for some beautiful contrasts.

What I Would Buy: Brolly Blues wall art
Of all the items in Noshii’s shop, I am fondest of “Brolly Blues.” It’s so simple but so appealing. This little umbrella embroidered into wood comes in a nice little shadow box. I think this would go perfectly above my workspace at home.

Pamela Michelle: Artist Pamela Jackson offers a variety of items within her shop. I love how everything she creates is colorful, yet delicate.

What I Would Buy: Foxy Fox art print
I have to admit that I have a fondness for foxes. But there is just something special about Pamela Michelle’s “Foxy Fox” print. I think he is just too cute and mischievous not to find a place on my wall!

Paper Fingers: Christina of Paper Fingers specializes in ink jet archival prints. I really enjoy their subtle color palette of greens, light blues, pinks, yellows, and browns. Any fan of typography will also be able to appreciate their ABC prints.

What I Would Buy: "L is for Library" print
It was hard to pick just one letter, but I finally decided on “L is for Library” due in no small part because of my fondness for books and the written word. This print would look awesome in a frame right above my jam-packed bookshelves!

Seen Studios: Another husband and wife team, Karl Green and Kathleen Heikes of Seen Studios are undeniably talented photographers. They have the ability to capture the soul of the unique places they visit.

What I Would Buy: Terlingua Cemetery photograph
Telingua Cemetery is my personal favorite of Seen Studio’s photographs. I love the texture of the stones and the little items you can see inside.

The Miscellany: Artist and teacher, Dianna Walsh, creates art prints that are so colorful and so full of personality. When you look at her gorgeous art prints you can’t help but love the characters within them.

What I Would Buy: I Still Love You print
I just love the “I Still Love You” print. The subject is so sad and something we can all relate to, but the colors are so bright and luscious that you can’t help but smile when you look at it.

And that's my Etsy Dallas Art + Graphic Design dream shopping list! Check out all of these artists at the upcoming 2nd Annual Spring Bash on May 1st at South Side on Lamar.

by Summer of Signifying Not