May Category Spotlight: Clothing

Growing up, I watched my mother make beautiful clothing. Tell her what you wanted and voila! She would whip it up. When my children were born I thought I would make cool, funky clothes for them. I bought some great fabric and set out to make a pair of pajama pants for my daughter. It wasn't pretty. It is very hard to put on a pair of pants when the waistband has been sewn shut. I have since decided to leave all things clothing to the experts. And believe me, there are plenty of experts on the Etsy Dallas team!

As a stay-at-home mom / theater teacher, my wardrobe is what can best be described as casual and comfortable. Thank goodness for the team's three "Clothing" crafters: Megan of Harrilu, Summer of Signifying Not Designs, and Dylan of Dowdy Studio. These guys make my dream of living in t-shirts and hoodies possible!

Since I hadn't clued any of these three in on my wardrobe dreams, I couldn't help but wonder: Why t-shirts?

Summer of Signifying Not said she started making t-shirts because she wanted to take the idea of fine art and make something usable with it. "I wanted to make art that could be lived in." Gotta love that!

Dylan Dowdy began screen-printing in late 2007 as something fun and art-related to do at home. The graphic artist spends time in his studio drawing and hand printing tees with the tunes turned up really loud, coffee flowing and loads of fun. "I enjoy the creative freedom I give to myself to do whatever I want each day. Nothing can beat that."

So, it looks like whatever the occasion, Etsy Dallas has your back - well that and your front, part of your arms - covered! (Had you left the job to me I can't gurrantee that would have been the case.)

written by Maggie of Maggie May I

Crafty Sidenote: Many of our Etsy Dallas members cross-categorize. For example, we have a lot of baby, kids and maternity clothing crafters who were spotlighted in March, and our own Tara to the T makes fabulous feather and steampunk accessories in addition to clothing. Every member will be spotlighted throughout the year in their primary category. Enjoy our spotlights and stay tuned to all the great things our members are making and designing!