Etsy Dallas Weekend Guide: June 26

Members of Etsy Dallas will be offering their coveted supplies for sale to the public, including: fabric, beads, and loads of other crafty odds and ends. Stock up on unique finds to help you express your artistic side. Come early for refreshments and to get the good stuff before it's gone.

Proceeds from sales at the Etsy Dallas team table will be donated to Captain Hope’s Kids, a nonprofit that provides clothing, diapers, and other childcare supplies for homeless children all across North Texas.

Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 11am - 2pm
Location: Blue Room, South Side on Lamar, Dallas (map)
Cost: Free! Open to the public
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Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 8pm
Location: Samuell Grand Amphitheatre
Cost: Tickets $10
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Shop Etsy Dallas: Signifying Not

Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 9am - 1pm
Location: Move Studio
Cost: FREE
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Shop Etsy Dallas: Kessler Craftsman

Come experience our retro glamour with the launch of the 2010 Sky Girls swim suit collection by Tara to the T! Sky Girls hits the runway this Saturday!

Bid on paintings by renowned Iraqi artist Abdul Ameer Alwan in a silent auction. His pieces, which were displayed at the Iraqi Museum of Modern Art and survived the Iraqi War, depict a sensivity to women and their sexual empowerment that was forbidden during the regime of Saddam Hussein. Visit the Humane Society's Feed-a-Dog-for-a-Day interactive kiosk. A percentage of the proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction benefit theHumane Society of Dallas County (a.k.a. Dog and Kitty City).

Date: Sat, June 26
Time: 8pm - midnight
Locations: Studios 1019, 2278 Monitor st. Dallas, TX
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Shop Etsy Dallas: Tara to the T