Overheard in the Team Forum

One of the advantages of being a team member of Etsy Dallas is having access to our private forum. We chat about all sorts of things crafty and not-so-crafty. Read below to gain a bit of insight into the fun things we here at Etsy Dallas like to chat about!

Any craft gossip you'd like to share with the team? New shops, cool shows, great online resources, etc?

Laura says: Has everyone heard of Spoonflower? It's an online fabric-printing service... pretty awesome.

Carrie says: Here's a secret: I love glitter! It may be the 'herpes of the craft world' (as Pam calls it) but gosh darn it, it makes me happy.

Pamela says: This just came down the pipeline.

What are you working on right now?

Sabrina says: Jenny and I are headed down to Austin this weekend for an ice skating competition-wish us luck (we need it!!).

Cheyne says: I'm hoping to design an entirely new large handbag pattern because I'M TOTALLY GOING TO THE 8TH ANNUAL RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR in CHICAGO!

Patricia says: I'm already starting to list new items for fall/winter and knitting/crocheting at least 6 hours a day so I'm in full production mode.

Laura says: I'm mostly working on work-work stuff, which means upholstery designs for Lilly Pulitzer to come out in the fall.

Larry says: I've just installed a huge 24 x 24 inch pro-level glass kiln....very exciting!

Tefi says: Lots of new jewelry made with rainforest nut beads my mom brought back from Colombia.

Pamela says: Helping Dylan redo his studio for a little photo shoot on Thursday.

Erin says: I plan on doing a lot of jewelry and sewing once my new craft room is up & running. Finally I won't have to hijack the kitchen table when I want to get creative.

Maggie says: Right before I took a break to hop on the computer I was pricing items for the Supplies Me! sale.

Summer says: Got commissioned to paint a big backdrop illustration!

Jacky says: Working on filling an order for the new JFK museum.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Tefi says: Getting drunk at Pam + Dylan's wedding.

Carrie says: Getting a 'real' faculty job.

Laura says: My 30th birthday!

Pamela says: Tefi getting drunk at my wedding.

Kelly says: I am trying to open a retail sewing boutique. I just had about 250 lbs of fabric delivered to my house. I want to cut into all of it!

Chet says: Spending every waking hour preparing materials for my booth at next
month's San Diego Comic Con.

Which celebrity would you totally freak out about if they stopped by your booth at a show and bought your goods?

Tefi says: Colin Firth (apparently, I missed my chance with Bradley Whitford)

Carrie says: David Lynch

Laura says: Zooey Deschanel or Jack White

Patricia says: I'm not big on celebrities and if one comes to buy something probably I will not recognize him/her at all.

Cheyne says: I'd pee myself if I got to meet Bill Murray.

Erin says: Sarah Jessica Parker

Silla says: Henry Cavill from The Tudors. YUMMOLA. He needs him some silla soup up in his hair. (then Tefi says: Uh-uh Silla. No way. Back. Off.)

Larry says: Klaus Moje ..but y'all probably don't know who he is. He's a glass guy.

Summer says: David Sedaris

Jacky says: Lady Gaga

photo credits: Glitter by DorisDotz, Renegade pic by Renegade Craft Fair, Bill Murray by unknown

Compiled and posted by Stephanie "tefi" Hindall