Party Favor Party + Moustaches-On-Sticks + A Piñata

It doesn't get better than moustaches-on-sticks, crafting good times, and a huge donkey piñata. Etsy Dallas members gathered at Larry's to make party favors and photo booth props for the upcoming Etsy Crafty Party this Friday at Make: free DIY crafts, free party punch, free photo booth, free piñata, free party favor bags, FREE FREE FREE! More info here.

Big thanks to all our volunteers this weekend: Maggie of Maggie May I (and daughter!), Kathleen of Seen Studios, Patricia of Karmacrochet, Larry of Kessler Craftsman, Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect, Dylan of Dowdy Studio, Carrie of One Up Designs, Erin of Haute Hardware, Laura of laura davis design lab, Christina of Midnight Snack, Pam of Pamela Michelle, and yours truly of tefi. Photos below and the full set HERE.

posted by Stephanie "tefi" Hindall