Category Spotlight: Edibles, Pets + Pottery

What do edibles, pets and pottery all have in common? A select few of Etsy Dallas' members make some awesome products in these categories, and you don't want to miss them!

Etsy Dallas has one lone member in the Pets category, but you won't be disappointed. Oh So Micro is oh-so-macro in style! As a cat owner, I've never considered clothing for my furry friends, not wanting to end up with bandages all over myself. But Emalie's cute outfits might just make me rethink the issue. Oh So Micro has über cute outfits for small dogs. There are so many, I can't focus on just a few. Oh so adorable!

On to the Etsy Dallas Edibles - but it's really more like drinkables! Downtown Roasters is run by Thomas Horton straight out of his coffee shop in Arlington (Coffeehaus Downtown). Now I'm not a coffee drinker myself (I know, call me weird), but I do love the smell. I have had a mean cup of tea at the Coffeehaus, so I'm going to call myself a semi-expert on the subject. Fair trade coffee beans roasted by hand = what's not to love? Choose from Colombian Dark Roast, Papua New Guinea, Caramel Creme, Dark Maple, Italian Roast, and more...smells great to me!

Now let's visit the pottery section of Etsy Dallas starring two talented potters! First up is Both Hands Studio by Lynn Wilkes Armstrong. I love this little mirror! It brings grandma's crochet doily into the modern era. The combination of the texture of the crochet pressed into the clay is perfect in my book, and lends a friendly note to both modern and traditional homes. And this vase by Both Hands Studio is so unusual, it stands alone. You won't even want to put flowers in it!

The other talented pottery member on our team, Jill Whitfield of Rimrock View Studio, makes clay items with a fresh look. I just love this cute little leaf pendant, and Jill's Ikebana vase is so unusual and lovely.

I hope you enjoyed this "tour" of Etsy Dallas members in the Edibles, Pets and Pottery categories! Check out our other talented members HERE.

by Rhonda of Color Box Design