Hmm...What to do with Stale Bread?

Dearest readers - My how our blog has gotten stale! It's like that piece of Wonder bread at the back of your pantry that everyone forgot about.... Our only excuse is that we have been up to our eyeballs in Jingle Bash applications, planning, etc. etc. (This show is going to ROCK!) So, with our focus back on our blog, I thought it'd be fun to ask my fellow teamies: What do you do with stale bread? Here's what they said:

"We use stale bread to make bread crumbs. And in Poland, we give it to babies who are teething. Under strict parental supervision of course!"

Maggie, maggie may i
"Watch my husband eat it. Seriously, that man will eat anything! He says as long as it smells good it's okay. And apparently stale bread does not smell bad. Neither did the sour cream that was way past its expiration date. And yes, I know the fastest way to get to the hospital just in case."

Alicia, La Alicia
"My fave thing to do with stale bread is feed it to the birds and ducks while I watch them."

Silla, silla soup
"Whiskey sauce bread pudding. Dunno what we're eating for dinner tonight, but I gots me an idea for dessert!" CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

And my answer:
"Why not use it in drywall? Go green! (Right? No?)"

posted by Stephanie of tefi