Category Spotlight: Accessories

I love a great accessory! It can make an old sweater feel a little prettier, hide a bad hair day, and put some bling just about anywhere. A great accessory is something that can express something unique about you, or be a fun way to try a little bit of fad and fashion. Etsy Dallas is full of amazing artisans of almost any kind of accessory you can think of, and a few you probably couldn't even imagine. Check out these great Etsy Dallas members who fall in our Accessories category!

This yummy knit scarf by Karmacrochet is definitely on my list for fall.

These clips by LaAlicia are wonderful! I love upcycled items that are smart and adorable.

How about an accessory that can keep you warm AND make you look great? I'm in love with these ruffles by ModestAmbition.

What girl doesn't love a flower in her hair? I'm smitten with these adorable clips from SillaSoup.

I love adding some punch & personality with feather fascinators by Tara to the T.

I love a great owl! How about this adorable little pendant from Superchica?

With so many great options for accessories made by the members of Etsy Dallas, there are endless ways to express yourself fashionably!

by Megan of Harrilu