Show and Tell: Brodie and David

Since school has kicked back in and summer is changing into fall (well for at least this week), we over here at Etsy Dallas thought it would be fun to do a little Show + Tell about our summers. So everyone gather around and sit in a circle on the floor and let's see to what Brodie and David did during their summers.

Meet Brodie (below). Brodie is the feline friend of talented Etsy Dallas member, Jingle Bash artist and illustrator Chet Phillips. This summer Brodie kept a diary of his wild summer adventures.

What I did on my summer vacation by Brodie Phillips a.k.a. ChetArt mascot


Despite warmish temperatures, I was indeed capable of a healthy dose of outdoor naps throughout June, replete in my owner-fashioned swing with pillow accessory. Neighborhood dogs kept barking to a minimum and my sister, Lily, gratefully kept her distance.


Summer heat persists, requiring inventive nap techniques. The monkey grass provides a small amount of relief and the appropriate privacy needed to escape Lily's constant demands. I'm sure it will grow back properly with time. Ignorant neighborhood dogs continue to bark at cicadas, to little effect in calming their maddening cellophane drone.


With continuous temperatures in the triple digits and a heat index that would melt paint off the side of the house, I grudgingly retreat to the cooler environment of the house. My attempts to sleep are continually interrupted by Lily's requests to play the games "name that bird" and "what's that squirrel doing now?"

What I did this summer with David of Ferrochie

David, the master designer of wood, used his weapons of choice this summer to create an oversized collection of chess pieces for his shop. We hear the Bishop is still a work in progress, but with all that detail on the Knight, we don't blame him.

You can find the Pawn in the Ferrochie Etsy shop, and see them in person and meet David at the Jingle Bash on November 20th at the Palladium in Dallas,TX.