Bash Bucks Are Back!

For the third show in a row, we are pleased to offer the Bash Bucks program for our amazing supporters - you! - and this year we're offering even more chances to win. Get this: Bash Bucks are our own gift certificates that spend just like money at our shows. Free money!

Still not sold yet? Well, we like to give them away!

The only way to get Bash Bucks is to win during our upcoming blog and Twitter contests, running October 27th to November 15th.

At the beginning of the contest, we'll post the rules and directions here on our blog. Good news! There is no limit to your number of entries both on the blog and on Twitter. Winners will be picked at random at the end of each contest - and this is the awesome part: We'll choose one winner on the blog and TWO winners on Twitter. The blog winner will receive $30 in Bash Bucks, one twitter winner will receive $30 and one will receive $40 in Bash Bucks, to be spent at the upcoming Jingle Bash on November 20th.

(Psst! We also have some extra surprise Bash Bucks contests around the corner - but you have to stay tuned to the blog to find out all about 'em.)

So what's up with the Bucks, you ask? You can use them to buy anything your little heart desires from participating artists at the upcoming Jingle Bash on November 20th. (But if your little heart desires booze provided by The Palladium, you'll have to whip out some real cash.)

Seriously, they're kind of awesome. But don't take our word for it - read what one of our previous Bash Bucks winners has to say:
I won Bash Bucks on the Etsy Dallas blog for the last Spring Bash. I absolutely loved that it gave me a chance to pre-shop the Bash artists. When I won, I already knew exactly what I wanted to spend them on. I purchased two necklaces from Maggie May I - I still love them!

-Mylynka, winner of Bash Bucks for the Spring Bash 2010
So get your retweet button finger warmed up and stay tuned to this blog for more details. It's almost time!