A Sneak Peek Into the Bash Decorations!

Thanks to Deco leaders and designers Cheyne, Laura and Larry, the Jingle Bash on November 20th is going to have some amazing handmade decorations. And super big thanks to all of our great volunteers for their help making it happen: David, Brenda (former beloved Etsy Dallas member), Maggie, Patricia, Alyssa, Mia, Debbie, Holly, Dacia, Bonnie, Christina and Keith, Thomas, Pamela and Dylan!

Laura shows off her lovely leaves!

Men + Their Tools (Larry, David)

Greatness happens when crafters unite.

Former beloved Etsy Dallas member, Brenda, came out to help.

In her Bash delirium, Cheyne realizes she only needs one hand to get the job done.

These pictures do not do justice to the amazingly creative and handmade decorations the group made this past weekend. Come to the Palladium on November 20th to behold the craftiness yourself! More info: www.handmadebash.com

posted by Stephanie/tefi