Sponsor Spotlight: Etsy, Inc.

If you're a fan of Etsy Dallas (a local all-volunteer collective of artists who sell on Etsy), I don't need to tell you that Etsy.com is an online marketplace for artists and crafters to sell their handmade works of art to buyers all over the world. As a shopper, you may have utilized the shop local tool to find products created in your hometown to help support your local economy - maybe that's even how you found our team!? Or perhaps you've also stumbled upon the perfect pair of slippers handcrafted in Lithuania without ever boarding a plane.

Etsy.com has designed a myriad of ways to both buy and sell an ever-growing array of handcrafted, vintage, and art supply goods. Beyond their iconic homepage and handy shopping widgets, Etsy offers a variety of tools that have helped grow a handmade global community.

When I signed up for a user account in 2007, I thought I'd found a web site to sell things - but in joining the Etsy community, I've found friends and virtual coworkers here in Dallas (and all over the world) who share my love of design, hard work, business ethic, and creative spirit. Through these relationships, Etsy has supported and pushed me in my efforts to develop my artistic skill and continually grow my tiny business into something bigger.

The members of Etsy Dallas are thrilled to partner with Etsy.com, a top sponsor of the 3rd Annual Jingle Bash, and are happy to call Etsy.com "home." We thank you, dear reader, for being part of the crafty community.