DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

reposted from tefi's blog

It's December 23rd, and I betcha half of you haven't finished wrapping gifts yet. Am I right? I, on the other hand, finished a couple of days ago at which point pigs actually began to fly. I know, crazy.

So for those of you still in need of some gift wrapping encouragement and ideas, I've scoured the interwebs to find some simply, fun and totally DIY gift wrap ideas. No grab those scissors and get ready to wrap!

Shoestrings and kerchiefs never looked so cute.

A pair of baby socks look like mini-stockings. Gimme gimme.

A sweet collection of gift wrap ideas by Greg Likes Weddings.

Potato stamps, marbling and googly eyes, I would expect nothing less from UO.

And finally, here's a list of some of my very own DIY gift wrap must-haves:

- fabric scraps
- baker's twine
- raffia in various colors
- burlap
- pine cones, acorn caps and other things gathered from my backyard
- old clothes that can be cut up to use as wrapping
- large wooden beads

Happy Wrapping, y'all!

by Stephanie/tefi