Etsy Dallas Groovin' to the Beats

We asked our Etsy Dallas members as we get closer to the Spring Bash what tunes they prefer to listen to in their studios while creating. We wanted to know what they're go to music was, and this is what they said:

Regina/Regal Cottage says - I've always got Pandora on whilst I'm sewing. I like to mix it up.
Lately, my favorite stations are:
1. Feist
2. Johnny Cash
3. Kelly Buchanan
4. the Smiths (when I'm in funk, this kinda makes it worse)
5. Daniel Johnston (pulls me right out of it)

Laura/childsPLAYdesign said: Prince. Nothing but Prince. Forward, backwards and upside down.

Maggie/maggiemayi said: If I am in the closet I watch all kinds of stuff on Hulu. But it has to be something that won't totally steal my focus. Tried to watch Glee and that so does not work. That is like an hour of "not so productive!" If I am working on other parts of the house I usually put on the tv for background noise. I learned an awful lot about prison gangs last week while making my Bash Bag favors!

Pamela/Dowdy Studio said: So the best thing to keep my focus in our studio is to crank up some great music that gets the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing so all the creativity and artistic muscle can come on out and do it's thang to get ready for the big show.
On my studio playlist right now:
1. Vetiver
2. Akron/Family
3. The Woods
4. Man Man

Stephanie/Tefi said: I have the TV on! Something police drama-related or a good BBC production gets me through the tedious hours of packaging and labeling. :) The Smiths station on Pandora is one of my favorites! I also love these Pandora stations:
1. Belle and Sebastian
2. She and Him
3. Cocteau Twins (but not if you're sleepy)
4. the bird and the bee

And here's a little something to get you going on your projects. Cheers!

Posted by: Pamela/Dowdy Studio