Member Spotlight: Red Tile Studio

Talk about talent running in the family! Mother and daughter duo Red Tile Studio work together to create beautiful art and home decor. Darleen is an artist, and her daughter Amber is a designer/photographer. Their collaboration results in amazing collectible art blocks, as well as original paintings, prints, and custom dog portraits.

I would love to see a whole wall of their art blocks in my home! Many of their pieces are designed to coordinate, and you can purchase them in sets for an instant gallery of your own. As you can tell, they have a shared love of nature and modern design, and an incredible sense of color.

One of my favorites in their etsy shop is their custom dog portraits... how cute is this little fellow! They both have chihuahuas - Amber has three (Sophie, Milla, and Audrey) and Darleen has one (Jack.) You can send them a snapshot or two of your little furry friend and they will create a custom portrait for you.

In addition to painted art blocks, they also create photo blocks featuring modern objects and unique compositions... swoon!

Check out more of Red Tile Studio's work at their Etsy shop, and find out what they are up to on facebook, twitter, pinterest or flickr!