Etsy Dallas Craft Party

We hope everyone had a blast at the Etsy Dallas Craft Party on Friday night! Crafters from all across the city came to Oil and Cotton to party down.

The fabulous decorating team from Etsy Dallas decked the halls of Oil and Cotton with paper bunting and pom-poms.

Refreshments and homemade desserts kept the party people's energy up for all of the festivities.

There was a free raffle and everyone had the opportunity to win prizes like a Holga camera, a gift card to Oil and Cotton, embroidery sets and more! The winners got their hands on some good stuff.

The party-goers got to put their crafty chops to the test and make some rockin' leather cuffs.

Etsy Dallas team even made a photo booth wall so everyone could strike a pose and have a memory of the greatest craft party ever (we're still editing the beautiful photos, but we'll let you know when they're online for your free downloading pleasure).

All in all, we had a great time and can't wait to do it next time. Join Etsy Dallas soon for the Supplies Me Sale. Etsy Dallas members will be cleaning out their craft closets for you to shop. So if you're into crafting and want to buy from some talented artists, come on over to the Supplies Me Sale, Saturday, June 25th, 11am-2pm at South Side on Lamar's Blue Room.

Super special thanks to everyone who helped put the Etsy Craft Party on!

Anita Mills for weaving on the loom
June Covington for spinning the night away
D.B. Higgins for demonstrating rope making
Society Bakery for supplying sweet cupcake treats
Tamale Company for rolling in the tamale cart (Yum!)

Big thanks to Oil and Cotton for co-hosting with us!

And another big thanks to Paper Beats Rock, and Modest Ambition for planning and putting together such a great party