Supplies Me! Success

This last Saturday was the annual Etsy Dallas "Supplies Me! Art + Craft Supply Sale." Just shy of a dozen vendors set up tables in the Blue Room at South Side on Lamar and put out their personal stash of art and craft supplies. There was plenty of fabric and crafty doodads to be had. Besides the Etsy Dallas members' tables, there was also a mega-table of donations from ED members (and a few non-members, thanks!). The proceeds from the sales at the ED table are going to Captain Hope's Kids, a non-profit that helps homeless children. We also collected craft supplies to donate directly to the charity. 

We had a great time and went a little bow-silly thanks to a stash of giant ribbon bows from Silla of silla soup. Thanks to everyone who was involved and helped us clean our closets while raising money for a worthy cause. In total we raised $200 and many, many boxes of supplies for Captain Hope's Kids.

Personally, I'd like to thank the vendors, volunteers, everyone who donated goods, and the shoppers for supporting us. Thanks to the following: Amanda/Loop and Lil, Amber/Red Tile Studio, Bonnie/bonny beads, Chau/DCimaginations, Cheyne/Cut Out and Collect, Kate/K8 Made, Maggie/maggie may i, Patricia/Karma Crochet, Rosemary/Paper Beats Rock, Silla/silla soup, Stephanie/tefi, Pamela and Dylan/Dowdy Studio, Laura/ChildsPLAYdesign, Erin/Haute Hardware, Alicia/La Alicia, Sabrina and Jenny/The Pig and the Peacock. Bonus thanks to Leanne McIntosh at Gulfstream Aerospace and Lauren Ray from House of Lovely for their item donations.

Until next year!

P.S. Check out our Flickr page for more fun photos!