Supplies Me!

For the second year in a row Etsy Dallas is presenting a supply sale in the summer. What is a supply sale, you may ask? It's an opportunity for you, the public, to buy the things that we, Etsy Dallas members, use to craft the amazing things that we make. Maybe we have too much of something or decided we no longer want to make that kind of thing anymore--what to do with all of the supplies left cluttering our closets?

Here lies the genius of the supply sale. We clean out our stash of crafty goodness and you get direct access to our supplies. Whether it's excess Japanese fabrics, colorful beads, or papercraft items you're sure to find something to inspire your next project.

Here's just a sampling of what to expect at the sale next Saturday: fabric, patterns, ribbon, craft magazines, beads, jewelry findings, paper mache products, wooden boxes, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps, papercraft goods, photo matte boards, buttons, cigar boxes, sewing notions, pillow forms, display and merchandising items, canvases, and yarn.

Who knows what else we'll dig up! Come find out for yourself at Supplies Me! Art + Craft Supply Sale, Saturday, June 25, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Blue Room, South Side on Lamar, 1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215.