A Craftastic Blast from the Past: Puffy Paint

Ah, puffy paint...we loved it...we hated it... But wait till you see what Shay from Bee Things comes up with when she works her crafty design skills in this blast from the past. Your gonna fall in love all over again as Shay shares a project she did with her kiddos.

Puffy Paint Tutorial with a Punch:
Step 1. Gather supplies $1 paint and $2.99 shirts at Hobby Lobby! Yay! I picked up a bunch of colors since they were so cheap.

Step 2. Design layout We sketched out our ideas first so we could make a template for size and placement.

Step 3. Design template Next we cut out a template using our drawings and made the first outline of our sea critter and robot using the template.

Step 4. Let the paint fly Then we went to town with all our paint and brought the images to life.

Step 5. Dry Let it dry over night and viola!

Step 6. Wear it Our kids loved their new tees!