Etsy Dallas Artist Playlist: The Ruffly Owl

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet! I asked Dacia from The Ruffly Owl what music she listens to when she is creating her beautiful paper goods...

What kind of music do you listen to when you create? Don't listen to music? TV Shows? Movies?
When I am working on a project in Illustrator, I tend not to listen to any music. My mind is totally focused on designing and tweaking so outside noise sometimes overstimulates me. When I'm crafting and punching tags, etc I like to either listen to John Mayer and the likes... it relaxes me. When I sew, I tend to listen to the early jazz station on pandora. Maybe the sewing reminds me of my Grandmother (who was an amazing seamstress) and feelings of nostalgia get stirred up. Something about sewing while Ella Fitzgerald sings makes my old soul happy. :) 

Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?
I don't think any particular genres affect my creative process. But Lady Gaga might distract me from creating because I'd likely jump up and start dancing if she comes on. I can't help it.

How does music fit into your creative routine? 
Sadly, music has gone by the wayside for me these days but when I know I'm going to be working on something for hours I like to go to Pandora and pick a station I'm in the mood for. Hmm... answering these questions is making me realize how much strain I put myself under when working. It's probably counter-productive for my creative side!

Name some of your favorite artists/bands.
Some of my favorite artists and bands are: Lady Gaga, Modest Mouse, Sarah Bareilles, Coldplay... 

Thank you so much Dacia!