Etsy Dallas Photo Booth at the Jingle Bash!

Thanks to all who came out to the 4th Annual Jingle Bash and played in our toasty fireplace themed Etsy Dallas Photo Booth designed by Rosemary from Paper Beats Rock!! The photo booth helped raise $450, which we donated to DFW Rescue Me to aid in their efforts to find dogs new loving homes. You are all so beautiful! CLICK HERE to see your pics, photographed by the talented Nicole Durbin.

How to download your own pics: 
1) Find your photo in our Photo Booth Set - HERE

2) Click on the thumbnail to view the photo. If you're having a hard time finding your photo in the thumbnails, choose one at the beginning and you can manually scroll each photograph until you find your pretty face!

3) If you find a photograph you'd like to download, click the "all sizes" icon above the top left corner of the photograph. You can then choose the size of the photo you'd like to download and save to your computer. (see below screen shot if you're not finding the button).

4) Save 'em! Get 'em printed! Put em on your facebook! Use them as your desktop background! They're all yours!

Want to edit your photo but don't have the software?
Picnik is a great, free photo editing website online. You don't need a flickr account to download your photo - but we totally recommend the site for all of your photo sharing needs. Come join the fun!