Sponsor Spotlight: FotoFuze

Want to make your product photography pop? What about your photo holiday cards? FotoFuze has got some amazing photo enhancement tools that can make that happen for you. Use your ordinary pictures from an ordinary camera, and create extraordinary, top-notch professional looking photos. It's super easy and it's free!

Etsy sellers will especially love FotoFuze's Etsy App. Your shop can be directly integrated with FotoFuze. You can select your product photos directly from your current listings, and like magic, FotoFuze will clean up, brighten, and make your photos pop off the screen! 

Be sure to check out FotoFuze in action at the FotoFuze Vs. Photoshop Challenge!  You won't believe how much easier it is. It really does work like magic.

You can find even more FotoFuze fun on twitter and Facebook