Shop Feature: Midnight Snack

Are you hungry? Have an appetite for awesome? 

If so, meet Midnight Snack

Christina and I had booths next to each other at the Jingle Bash last November, and believe me, I wouldn't have wanted to be next to anyone else on that crazy busy day.  She is so fun to hang out with!

I recently sat down with Christina (okay, so there might have been sitting on both ends, but we weren't actually sitting next to each other--oh, the joys of the internet) and asked her a few questions.

I hope you have as much fun with this Q&A as I did!

Jenni: Ok, so it looks like you've been a part of Etsy Dallas for, well, maybe forever.  Wanna share anything about that?

Christina: I've been in Etsy Dallas since 2008 and I'm so proud of how much the team has grown. 

Jenni: Is there a secret to balancing a 9-5, a successful indie biz, being on the Etsy Dallas Leadership Team, oh and being a wife to a cutie hubs (more on him to follow)?

Christina: If there is a secret to doing it all well, then I'm not quite sure I've found it yet.  For me, it's best to create for Midnight Snack right when the ideas pop into my head.  If I try to schedule time to create, I often don't feel inspired.  I need to create when I want a project created so badly that I can't stop thinking about it. 

Jenni: Why food? I'm guessing it has to do with the huge smiles you see on peoples' faces when they see your stuff.  (Believe me, next door to this lady at the Bash, nothing but smiles for miles around!)   But seriously, did you just wake up one day and think: a bacon plushie pillow would be genius! (And reader, it is!)

Christina: I make food plushes for a couple of different reasons.  I think everyone loves food, and it's one of those weird things that in real life is not very cute, but as soon as you make it soft and cuddly it's adorable. 

(Christina, cont.) I also love how you can really get the essence of a lot of different foods by putting together a few shapes.  My most popular plushes tend to be the ones with the least complicated patterns. 

And speaking of cute: Christina and her husband have known each other since middle school! 

Meet Christina this Saturday at the Spring Bash--she's more than just awesome plushes.  Check out her jewelry and clothing designs, too.  (Sadly, she won't be my booth neighbor this year, but I can guarantee all those around her will be smiling!) 

See you on Cinco de Mayo!
Jenni of Jenni20 Designs