Sponsor Spotlight: Unanimous Craft

You probably already know Unanimous Craft is full of resources for indie businesses, but more than that, it's a place for indie shoppers too! Think of it as Yelp for crafty types.  It's a directory full of resources for crafters, artists, and independent business owners.

But what makes a resource like Unanimous Craft really wonderful is you! They need your input and your opinions on your favorite crafty places, spaces, and people. You can even review events like the Spring Bash.  

All you need to do to start writing your own reviews is:
1. Sign up for an account (this is super quick)
2. Search for your favorite indie businesses and 
3. Scroll down to the red "Review this Resource" button at the bottom of the page. 

----Easy, peasy way to add your voice to the crafty community!

Unanimous Craft Logo

You can stay in touch with Unanimous Craft on Facebook and twitter too.