Member Spotlight - Pamplemousse 1983

Get to know another fabulous new member of Etsy Dallas, Maryam of Pamplemousse 1983. She has a wonderful blog and Etsy shop filled with color and a love for photography. 
Hi Maryam! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop. 
Well, my name is Maryam and I live in East Dallas with my husband, daughter and two dogs. I moved to Texas in 2001 (!!!) to attend the University of Texas at Arlington and ended up meeting my husband here. In my shop I sell photographic prints and jewelry made with my photographs.

Fine Art Bobby Pins
How did you get started selling your creations?
I opened my Etsy shop a few years ago but never was really serious about it until last year. I loved the idea of Etsy but I didn't really have time to work on my own shop until I had my daughter. Since having her I've had a new burst of creative energy that's really pushed me to work on my shop and set new goals for success.
Floral Polaroid Rainbow Fine Art Photograph
You sell such beautiful photographs! Where did your love for photography come from?
I never was very good at math and I've always hated writing so I decided to major in fine arts. After I took my first photography class I was hooked. I ended up concentrating in Photography. I've always loved taking photos but never really thought of it as a form of art until college. After I graduated I ended up taking a job in insurance (gag me) and found myself in a creative hole. I eventually quit, got my teacher certification and became an elementary art teacher. It was during this time that I really started exploring photography as an art form again and renewed my passion for the medium.
Do you have any advice for other creatives who want to open their own handmade shop?
Do your research! I think a big mistake I made starting out was not looking at the competition. Know who your audience is, what they're looking for and find ways to reach them.
Doe Visits Grandmother Fine Art Photograph
What is your favorite part about Dallas? Favorite shop? Restaurant?
I really love my neighborhood in East Dallas. I love being so near White Rock Lake! My favorite shop is We Are 1976 on Henderson which sells really awesome knickknacks, art prints and accessories. As far as food, there are a ton of really really great places to eat but my newest favorite is Goodfriend in East Dallas (right by Dowdy Studio!). Their Loretta burger is AMAZEBALLS.
Sew Sew Sew Fine Art Photograph
Describe your creative personality in three words.
Colorful, Fun, ADD.

Thanks so much Maryam! You can find more Pamplemousse 1983 here: