Where it's Made - Jenni20 Designs

Jenni of Jenni20 Designs' Creative Space in her Cottage

Here's Jenni in front of her acid green bookshelf she salvaged and painted and dedicates to all her jenni20 designs fabric. (Her own stash lives in a dark closet, but she lets her j20 fabric decorate her studio...colorful fun and so easy to be inspired by.)

Where is your creative studio space?

My studio space is in my little cottage...I make all kinds of messes in that room...and also my jenni20 travel accessories. 

What do you make in your creative studio space?
I paint, sew, quilt, embroider, write, daydream, and read in this space. (My childhood daybed is installed in this room and I spend a lot of time, cross legged on that, staring at fabrics and deciding what to put together next.)

What is your favorite item in your space?
My favorite item in my space is this little poodle pincushion I thrifted...or bought on Etsy....I honestly can't remember. He sits on my pretty vintage desk and doesn't actually get used because I'm kind of klutzy and I don't want to break him when I'm spazzing about by my sewing machine. I'll take a glamour shot of him. You'll see. He's precious.

Favorite Halloween candy?
My favorite Halloween candy is.....Mounds. Oh my, mini coconut dark chocolate pieces of loveliness. Mmmmm. (They're not allowed in the studio.)